Unique spot for pet lovers in Odisha’s capital


Kanhu Charan Gouda and Nishi Dang

In this busy world where everyone has to catch up with some deadline in the work place or meet someone or go somewhere, there is always a need for some form of relaxation and entertainment. Some are entertained by watching movies, some like to shop while some people like to meet friends and few like to roam around in different places. But there are some people who choose a different way for their entertainment in their busy life and that unique way is through love from pets at pet shops. The pet shops at Ashoka Market complex near Master Canteen area in the capital city have attracted many pet lovers and other people.

Few years back, the Market complex had only one or two pet shops. Now, the Market complex has around 7-8 pet shops. The reason behind this is majorly the love people have for pets. In a place like this where one can relax without paying any money, then why won’t people visit such a place?

Some visit the complex to buy different types of pets like, birds, cats, dogs, fish, hamster, rabbit while others come to spend their time for a while to watch the cute and adorable pets. After working hard throughout the day, most people come to just see and play with the innocent pets and spend some time with the cute little ones. Some dog lovers who are not able to buy a dog, can spent their time with the dogs as few pet shop owners allow them to play with the dog for some time. Most importantly, the pets are kept there with a lot of care by the pet shop owners.

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One can find various types of dogs there starting from the tiny dog breed like Chihuahua to huge dog breeds like German shepherd, Golden retriever, Labrador, etc. By placing an order of the desired pet, one can get happiness by getting the pet at home. The moment you enter the Market complex, you can see the dog puppies in little cages after which you just can’t stop yourselves from saying, “Aww, what a cute little pup!”

For pet owners, the loss of a pet is more than just the loss of an animal, it’s also the loss of a friend and companion. It can be difficult to cope after the death of a cat, dog, or any other pet you owned and cared for. You will likely experience the stages of grief and need to lean on the support of family and friends to help you move forward. You may also want to pay tribute to the memory of your pet as a way to process your emotions and honor your dearly departed pet.

Asked why he likes the place, Mr. Ashok Panigrahi, a pet lover said, “I am visiting this place since 2006 when I lost my 1 year old Labrador in an accident. I come here as it provides me with happiness for some time after watching and playing with the little paws. I spend around one hour with the little pups here.”

Apart from that, the melodious sounds of various birds like budgie, love birds, parrots, dove and many more foreign birds have attracted people to stand there and watch them hum for a while. Different varieties of birds are available there at reasonable price starting from Rs 200 per pair to Rs, 30,000.

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In last few months, the demand for a bird species by bird lovers named “Budgie”, a small colorful bird has increased.

A pet shop owner in the complex, Ganga said, “sometimes while watching the birds, people get so attracted towards them that they immediately decide to take a pet home. In this way, around 200 pairs of birds have been sold in this month so far. Besides, the demand for dogs also has gone up. We daily receive an order of around 7-8 different breed dog from customers.”

Another attraction of this place is the huge variety of colorful fishes for the aquarium. The fish range starts from Rs 10 per pair to Rs 50,000 per pair.  People purchase colourful and beautiful fishes in small or large size to keep them at home that enhance the interior beauty of the house.

Sometimes it’s a good way of joy to just visit such a place filled with happiness. People come here either to take the little bundle of joy at home or to play with the adorable pets at the complex. At the end of the day, the only thing that a pet needs is love, care and emotional affection.


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