Afghan Students In Karnataka Asked To Pay Rent Or Vacate Houses


Afghan Students Fear Eviction From Landlords

Bengaluru, Aug 25: Many students from Afghanistan who are studying at the IT destination of India, Bengaluru, are facing challenges on numerous fronts. Many student, who are here to study, were getting limited financial support from their parents earlier. However, after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, many of them are not getting any financial support from their families back home, who are themselves struggling to survive, and fear of getting evicted from their houses because o non payments.

The Foreign students Association (FISA) in Bengaluru has approached the universities and government to help the students in this regard. However, no response from them has yet been seen.

On the other hand, landlords in the IT city, Bengaluru have been evicting the students because of non payments or have asked them to pay the rent or vacate. The students who are on a scholarship from the Indian council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) will somehow survive, however the one’s who are in the final year of their education will stop getting scholarships and ultimately suffer.

“Back at home (Afghanistan), everything is closed, survival has become a bigger question. We do not know what will happen to our parents back home. Everything is uncertain. we have approached universities, politicians and others to help us out, but we have received no response or little response from them”, says an Afghan student.

In the meanwhile, the Mysore University, has taken the headache has announced that it will act as an interim caretaker for the Afghan students until the situation at the War-torn country is settled. The university is also sorting out Visa issue for students with the help of the government.

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