BJP-BJD engage in conflict over last year Nagada infant deaths


Bhubaneswar, Apr 19: Speaking about the Nagada Malnutrition deaths that occurred last year, the Jajpur collector had earlier denied saying malnutrition is not the reason for the deaths. Reacting to an affidavit filed in the Orissa High Court, the Union Minister of petroleum, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan has stated that it’s pathetic on the part of the Odisha government to show such mercilessness. He further said that the government’s negligence, callousness and mercilessness has laid to the death. The ruling BJD has completely failed in living upto the expectations of the citizens of the state. It’s a government filled with selfishness, ego and arrogance.

As a reaction, BJD spokesperson Amar Satpathy said that at the panchayat polls, the party that won with majority was BJD. Had the people not have faith and trust in the government, the result would have been the opposite. The BJP is taking political advantage from the issue which is wrong.
Last summers, Nagada was flowing into the pool of death as around 19 children died in the village within three months. The opposition parties claim that the deaths are due to malnutrition while the Jajpur Collector claim in the affidavit that deaths were due to fever, malaria and sepsis.
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