BJP demands action against police officials


Bhubaneswar, April 19: State BJP Monday demanded a thorough probe into the incident during the pallisabha in Dharmashala and demanded action against the Police Station in-charge there for his laxity in controlling the incident.

In a statement the party criticized the statements of senior office bearers of the Police Mahasangh and said their statements, as appeared in a section of the press, were ‘distasteful.’

The party said, the police is needed to probe as to who were involved in the unruly scenes during the Pallisabha.

State unit vice president Sameer Mohanty alleged that the IIC is a habitual ‘complainant’ and had lodged a case against BJD MP Bhartruhari Mohapatra  in the past while being posted at Cuttack.

“No one knows the result of the inquiry conducted against him,” Mohanty said.   He alleged that the police administration has failed to maintain law and order in the State.

He listed a host of issues to accuse the State police of its inefficiency including Madhabilata, Itishree issues and alleged that the police have not taken action against few powerful persons despite their involvement in those cases.

He said the State government is cutting a sorry figure due to the inefficiency of the force.

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