CBSE results issue: Orissa HC orders revaluation of answer sheets


Cuttack/Bhubaneswar, June 7: Over the much talked CBSE class 12 result issue, the Orissa High Court has today directed the central board for revaluation of answer sheets of those students who have filed a petition regarding the discrepancies on the class 12 results.

The Orissa HC today after hearing on the petition filed by 18 students, has asked the students to apply for revaluation of answer sheets by Thursday 2 PM along with has also directed the CBSE to declare the results by 10th of this month.

In the meanwhile, the parents association of the city has decided to file a collective petition at the High court tomorrow for revaluation of the answer sheets.


On the other hand, the hunger strike by the parents and students still continues at the CBSE regional office.


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