Challenging times for Islamic world as terrorism grows: Naqvi


New Delhi, Nov 23: The Islamic world is passing through challenging times due to growing radicalisation and misusing of its name by terror groups, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said as he called for a united war against terrorism at global level.

Noting that growing radicalism and terrorism are biggest challenges before humanity and the Islamic world, he cautioned that terrorism should not be viewed through the spectacle of  religion for political gains.

The terror organisations are misinterpreting the Holy Quran for their narrow self-interests, he said.

In a blog, titled ‘Murder of Humanity to Establish Evil Empire’, the Minister of State for Minority Affairs said the people should be careful that they did not look at terrorism through the spectacles of religion for political motive. The day people link terrorism with religion they will be trapped into ill design of terror elements.

He noted that those elements who are indulging in such cruelty have nothing to do with Islam or humanity as their only motive is murder of humanity.

Naqvi said the Paris and Mali attacks have proved that terrorism has become a grave challenge for the entire world and the time has come for a united war against terrorism at global level and there is need for united efforts by all the countries, Muslim world, religious leaders and intellectuals.

          The minister said growing radicalism is one of the main reason behind terrorism and IS and Al-Qaida are the worst form of radicalism.



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