Classes in Physical Mode for First Year UG and First Year PG Students to begin in Odisha


October 27

First Year UG and First Year PG Classes to begin in Odisha

Classroom Teaching for First Year UG and First Year PG Students (Freshly Admitted) for the Session 2021-22 will start from 01/11/2021 and 15/11/2021 respectively in Physical Mode.

Saswat Mishra, Principal Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department, has written a letter regarding this to the Vice Chancellor (All State Public Universities coming under Higher Education Department) and the Principals (All Government and Non-Government Degree Colleges coming under Higher Education Department).

While going for the classes in Physical Mode, the Universities and Colleges, have to follow appropriate Covid-19 prevention protocol prescribed by Higher Education Department.

As prescribed by Higher Education Department, the Protocols are as follows:

  1. Face Mask or Face Cover shall be mandatory.
  2. Frequent Hand Wash & Hand Sanitization shall be ensured.
  3. Social Distancing shall be adopted in classrooms, libraries and laboratories etc.
  4. Spitting in Campus shall be strictly prohibited.
  5. Respiratory Etiquettes shall be strictly followed (i.e. Covering one’s mouth & nose by handkerchief while coughing/sneezing )
  6. Self Monitoring of Health and reporting illness should be encouraged.
  7. There must be an isolation room ready for any emergency.

The letter also said, Hostel facilities shall also be made available for those students who have taken admission in Hostels. All possible Covid-19 prevention protocols shall be followed in Hostels.

State Private Universities (under H.E. Department) may also consider following these guidelines to the extent required by them )


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