CENTCOM Confirms ISIS Terrorist Behind Kabul Airport Attack Dead


ISIS Terrorist Killed in Drone Stike

Bhubaneswar, August 28: The United states Central command (CENTCOM) on Friday launched an unmanned airstrike in the Nanghar Province of Afghanistan. As per initial reports, the CENTCOM has confirmed that the drone strike that took place in Nangahar, has killed the Islamic State-Khorasan(ISIS-K) Member, who planned the Kabul airport suicide bombing attack that took place on the early evenings of the 26th of August.

Meanwhile, the CENTCOM has reportedly said that there were no civilian casualties.

Notably, the two massive suicide bombs blasts that took place at the Abbey gate of Kabul airport has taken the life of at least 80 people and left over 5 dozen wounded. However, unofficial sources have confirmed that at least 105 people have lost their life, while over 10 dozens were wounded in the attack.

In the meanwhile, in fear of another terrorist attack, many countries in Kabul are trying to evacuate their own people as fast as they can.

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