Covid-19: Wearing Masks Is Mandatory In CMC Area

Covid-19: Wearing Masks Is Mandatory In CMC Area
Covid-19: Wearing Masks Is Mandatory In CMC Area

Bhubaneswar: July 03: Now, wearing mask is mandatory in Cuttack City as part of precautionary measures in the fight against Covid-19.

An office order said, ‘There has been a sudden increase in the number of newly detected COVID-19 positive cases within CMC area in the last few days which requires caution among the citizens of CMC’.

Municipal Authorities in Cuttack have issued an advisory for all concerned for strict adherence to COVID Protocols.

1. All citizens residing within CMC area as well as outside citizens coming to CMC area or present in CMC area shall have to wear mask appropriately in public places.

2. All citizens to maintain social distancing of 2 metres among themselves at all times while in public places.

3. All Malls/shops/store owners shall ensure social distancing about 2 metres within their premises. The responsibility of maintenance of social distancing lies with the owner of the premises.

4. Citizens are advised to maintain hand hygiene frequently and observe appropriate coughing/sneezing at all times.

5. Citizens are advised to refrain from spitting in public places.

6. The CEO/managers/head of the offices of government as well as private offices shall ensure that their employees are observing Covid appropriate behaviour mentioned above in their office premises.

7. Any violation on the above mentioned aspect will attract penal provisions of the Odisha Covid-19 Regulations and amendments made time to time.


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