Creative Skill of Kathak, Classical and Contemporary Aesthetics of Flute


Bhubaneswar, Sept 9: On fourth evening of GKCM Award Festival, it was another splendid performance of Kathak and flute recital.

The first programme of the evening was Kathak dance by renowned Kathak maestro Guru Asimbandhu Bhattacharya who started with an invokatory piece in honour of Lord Shiva follwed by Toda, Tukuda and Dhama that brilliantly executed with lightening footwork and layakari. His last presentation was Najam, a reflection of love which music was composed by Jagjit Singh and dance was choreographed by himself.

His ground-breaking technique Kathak Yoga, a choreographic innovation presented with a great dexterity and precision mesmerised the art-connoisseurs. He was accompanied by Subhankar Banerjee on Tabla, on Sitar Chandrachur Bhattacharjee, on Vocal Debasish Sarkar and on Manjira Ranjani Bhattacharjee.

The second programme of the evening was flute recital by Pandit Praveen Godkhindi. He played on Flute blending classical starting with Rag-Marubihag, Tal- Rupak and Hansadhawni followed by north Indian and with a number of fusion music pieces  punctuated. His composition and improvisation of the essence and spirit of Rag were orchestrated flawlessly much to the joy and ecstasy of the music lovers. He was accompained on Tabla Satyajit Talwalkar.

The dignitaries who graced the occasion were Dr. Neeta Vidyarthi, Art Critic and Journalist, Laleetha Venkat, Art Critic and Tapati Choudhury, Art Critic and Guru Ratikanta Mohapatra, Director, Srjan. The programme was compared by Er. Srinivas Ghatuari and Najia Allam.


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