Cybercriminals hack OCAC CEO’s WhatsApp account; Rs 7 lakh Defrauded

ଖୋଳ କରିଦେଇଛି ସାଇବର ଠକ
ଖୋଳ କରିଦେଇଛି ସାଇବର ଠକ

November 11

WhatsApp account of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Odisha Computer Application Centre (OCAC) Manoj Kumar Patnaik reportedly has been hacked by some unidentified cybercriminals.

Also, the unknown criminals have defrauded around Rs 7 lakh from his friends and acquaintances.

OCAC CEO and Additional Secretary of Electronics & Information Technology Department, Odisha Government, had received a phone call from an unknown number on Wednesday night.

As the caller did not speak anything over the phone, Patnaik disconnected the call.

Further, Pattnaik received  calls from his friends who inquired about his health and informed him about the distress message, which they have received from his WhatsApp number.

As said,  miscreants allegedly hacked Pattnaik’s WhatsApp account and started asking for money sending distress messages to his contacts by impersonating the user.

Some of the contacts of Patnaik, claimed to have transferred money to the Bank and UPI accounts  shared by cybercriminals.

Five Contacts have transferred Rs.7 Lakh to the account shared by the unknown cybercriminals, said reports.


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