🐾 Did You Know, “There Is An International Dog Day” 🐾


🐾 Hooman’s Best Friend Celebrates International Dog Day, 2021

Bhubaneswar, August 26: Yes there is an International Dog Day. Celebrated every year on the 26th of August, this day was founded by Animal Welfare Advocate and Pet Lifestyle Expert Collen Paige.

Paige who founded this day, is aimed at helping informing the public about the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. Theses rescues may be from shelter homes, public rescues or pure breed rescues.

Dog is man’s best friend! Is it true. May be May not be. But a recent study by some UK scientists have suggested that dogs are mans oldest best friend. Their study showed that, dogs have been friends to humans since the last age, nearly 11,000 years ago. They also suggested that dogs have been the first ever animal to be domesticated by human being since.

How to celebrate International Dog Day…

On this International Dog Day, we will suggest you to get a dog or rescue a dog and help it give a life. it may be a pure breed or a mix, just go get it. We do not suggest to buy dogs from backyard breeders, rather go for a reputable breeders. If you adopt some from the streets give them a proper bath and give them some meaty meal.

“Me & my boys feed at least 30 dogs in my area everyday twice. We cook a mix of boiled rice and chicken twice a day, and we feed it to nearly 35-38 dogs in and around our area. We started this 2 years back by feeding just 2 dogs in our Apartment basement, but soon the number of dogs went increasing. By the time, we were feeding 5 pups, financial issues came into thought. My wife & I would discuss this matter everyday, as we didn’t wanted to stop this. But soon, other members in my society, happy with our work, slowly started donating us for this noble cause. Now Me and my boys feed about 38 dogs, twice a day, everyday. We are happy and our society has been very supportive to this. Thanks to them, or we couldn’t have come this long,” says the man, who feeds 40 dogs twice a day in the streets of Bhubaneswar, and most importantly he doesn’t want to take the credit as doesn’t want to be named.

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He also said, once a week, especially on Sundays, he would give the big pups a cup of ice cream. after diner, and they would lick it with joy.

Street dogs around the world who were mostly feeding off the garbage bins outside restaurants and hotels, went on an unintended infinite hunger strike due to the Covid Pandemic, as the world went into a shutdown mode. Many animals, dogs, cats and others starved to death because they couldn’t find anything to eat. However, soon some individuals and organization with an initiation slowly started feeding street animals. There are no less video proofs of these instances on social media.

So not just on this day, but at least try feeding some dogs twice a day on a regular basis. These human lovers will always remember you for this simple gesture. So go and rescue or get a dog today. We would also suggest you to donate to some good NGOs, who are actively working towards development of animals.


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