England Lose Top Spot In ODI Rankings After Series Defeat In Australia

England lose top spot in ODI rankings after series defeat in Australia
England lose top spot in ODI rankings after series defeat in Australia

November 23

After losing to Australia 3-0 in a series, England fell to No. 2 on the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings, letting New Zealand take the top spot.

The current ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup winners had a rare loss, which meant they went from winning the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 to getting swept in Australia and losing the top ODI ranking in just 10 days.

Now, New Zealand is back at the top of the ODI Team Rankings chart.

Before the series started, England had 119 rating points, which was five more than New Zealand. But three straight losses cost them six points, and they eventually fell behind New Zealand (114) with 113.

Australia was also rewarded for how well they did. They moved up one spot, from fifth to fourth. They now have 112 rating points, while Pakistan only has 107. This made Australia and India have the same number of rating points, but India has more points overall.

India is third, with 112 rating points and 3802 total points. Australia is fourth, with 112 rating points and 3572 total points.

In January 2023, England will play South Africa in a three-game series away from home. This will be their next chance to get back on top.

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