ITR Data Theft Case: Investigation To Uncover Woman Operative Underway


ITR Case: 5 Accused Arrested, 38,000 Rupees Transferred To Their Bank Accounts

Cuttack: The Chandipur Missile Base ITR (Integrated Testing Center) has revealed the theft of data. The young woman who called the 5 employees working on launch pad No. 3 came from a number in the UK. The young woman, however, spoke to them at different addresses and identities in the country. Sometimes Chandigarh sometimes introduced himself as a resident of Bengaluru. On the other hand, a bank account in Dubai found evidence that one of the ITR’s employees had received Rs 38,000 from a bank account. Four other people are being questioned in connection with the financial dealings. The crime branch is investigating whether the money from the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was received through banks or agents.

According to sources, the arrested personnel of Chandipur Missile Base, arrested in the ITR case, are on a remand till 24th of this month. To date, the crime branch has mainly targeted female agents of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. The Crime Branch has identified the UK’s phone number as the agent in question. The young woman first contacted the 5 through Facebook and chated through Facebook Messenger. She had later chatted on WhatsApp and exchanged news. The young woman, who was using a UK phone number, identified herself as Indian. Preliminary investigations by the Crime Branch suggest that this is a fake phone number made by any online software. However, the Crime Branch has taken steps to collect data such as CDR, Tower Dump, etc. of this number. Only then will it be clear whether the number is genuine or not.

On the other hand, Hemant Kumar Mistry, Tapas Ranjan Nayak, Sekh Musafir, and Sachin Kumar Kumar Chheta of Uttar Pradesh, including Basant Behera, arrested from the ITR, received Rs 38,000 from Dubai in two installments. However, the crime branch did not specify which employees had the money in their bank accounts. Senior officials of the Indian Air Force have also questioned the accused while the crime branch is investigating the incident.

Crime Branch ADG Sanjib Panda said five accused in the ITR case were now being remanded in custody for questioning. All mobile phones used by the accused have been seized. It will be sent to the laboratory for forensic analysis. Everyone’s bank account details are being verified. Their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, are now being translated. A bank in Dubai has transferred Rs 38,000 in two installments to one of the accused. It is being investigated whether the other accused took the money through any medium or bank. Bank account details of all the accused are being verified. A woman operative introduced herself under different names from different parts of the country and connected through Facebook. A team from the Air Force has been interrogating all the accused for two days, ADG Mr Panta said.


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