Reliance to make Jamnagar it’s next industrial hub

New Delhi, Apr 21: Plans on assignments related to Para-Xylene, Cracker complex and downstream plants and Gasification are being executed by the Reliance company under its energy and materials sector in Jamnagar as these resources of energy and materials are available only in Jamnagar. Jamnagar, which is considered to be the place full of resources, is also a site of globally important projects. These recent projects related to Reliance’s Refining & Petrochemical will not only add unique value to the company but also will allow Jamnagar to store it’s self-sufficiency.

Projects of Para-Xylene, Cracker and downstream (MEG, Linear Low density and low density Polyethylene) and Gasification of Reliance company’s DTA refinery are found to be well equipped, mechanically complete and are at phases of pre-commissioning and commissioning.
The commissioning of second and final stages of Para-xylene including PX Crystallizers trains, Trans-alkylation and Aromatic Extraction units have been successfully cleared in Jamnagar, as declared by the company. The Train 2 of the second stage had been completed in the earlier days of this month while the last part, Train 3 is still left to be completed as it will begin it`s construction later this quarter now being in the advanced phase of commissioning and Train 1 of PX plant commissioned successfully in last year in December. It is heard that with the completion of PX plant project, Reliance will become the second largest manufacture of PX with 11% of it`s global manufacture because this plant will use the state-of-the-art crystallization technology from high energy efficient resource named BP making it’s capacity more than double.
On the other hand, the Cracker assignment is going to blend with RIL`s refinery and will use off-gases as their feedstock, which is a kind of unique configuration. Through this project the company will be able to take the position of lowest costs globally and it’s capacity to crack propane will prove to be a good part to develop the mix in an erratic market environment. The Cracker assignment has 1.5 MMTPA ethylene cracker with downstream facilities for giving out LDPE, LLDPE and MEG.
Gasification being another part of the project will allow Jamnagar to become energy efficient with lowest cost of the energy to facilitate any Refinery and Petrochemical industry on a global level. Gasification is considered to be the largest clean-fuel initiatives in the world.
Reliance has installed the Cracker and downstream assignment at Jamnagar in the previous quarter and it`s pre-commissioning and other work are moving in full force. The work is going on in full force so it is expected to begin during the next quarter