KISS & Navy Welfare and Wellness Association Ink MoU

KISS & Navy Welfare and Wellness Association Ink MoU
KISS & Navy Welfare and Wellness Association Ink MoU

August 25

The Navy Welfare and Wellness Association (NWWA) of the Indian Navy inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) to promote the health and welfare of tribal students. Under the terms of the agreement, KISS will also offer educational enhancement courses through KIIT for navy families beginning with the current academic year.

The MOU was inked during NWWA’s President Mrs. Kala Hari Kumar’s visit to the KIIT-KISS campus. She told pupils that the Naval children’s enrollment in the KIIT group of institutes “will be the anchor that prepares them for life.”

Dr. Achyut Samanta, the founder of KIIT-KISS, thanked Mrs. Kumar for initiating numerous educational projects and treating everyone as “family.”

“I am also confident that the naval children will make the most of this and live up to the investment. My heartfelt thanks to the management once again for providing this opportunity,” Mrs Kumar underlined.

Encouraging students of KIIT & KISS to build a career in the armed forces, she said that the country needs talented smart young men and women. “A career in the armed forces is both aspirational and inspirational. You could look both at the entry as an officer through the National Defence Academy or the Indian Naval Academy or join our sailor ranks”.

Mrs. Kumar stated that the freshly formed Agniveer programme will equip youths with the skills and self-assurance necessary to excel in any aspect of life.

Focussing on KISS, the largest tribal institute in the world, she expressed her delight over the “awe-inspiring” work being done at KISS and focus on tribal arts, crafts and linguistics. She said that NWWA will provide a platform for KISS-made products at its outlets across the country.

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“I would like to emphasise the synergy that exists between vision and mission between NWWA and Kalinga institutes. These make us believe that the association today is nothing short of a divine association of the organisations that have a lot to each other and further the goals of welfare and the growth of our country,” she summed up.

Dr. Samanta praised Mr. Kumar for the plethora of health and welfare initiatives done during her administration. According to him, her warmth is akin to working for a family.



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