Mamata accuses ‘some parties’ of spreading disinformation

Mamata accuses 'some parties' of spreading disinformation

Kolkata: June 15: Amid partial disruption in health services in West Bengal due to continuing agitation by junior doctors protesting attacks on their colleagues and demanding adequate security, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday accused “some political parties” of spreading disinformation on social media.

In an open letter to doctors and medical fraternity, she appealed to all help in restoring normal healthcare services without any delay.

“Our government is cooperating fully and taking all necessary action…some misinformation/disinformation being spread on social media by some political parties is completely untrue,” Banerjee said in the letter.

She expressed her gratitude to senior doctors and professors who are offering full services to the people.

“My humble regards to them for their cooperation,” the letter said.

“Health service is always dedicated to the patients. I, therefore, appeal to all to restore normal health services to the patients without any further delay,” Banerjee said.

She said the state government has taken “all necessary action whatever required – our Additional Chief Secretary, Health, visited the injured doctor and met a section of the agitating junior doctors and appealed to them to resume services”.

Protesting against the brutal attack on two junior doctors by the family members of a dead patient in the NRS Medical College and Hospital on Monday night, doctors across the state have stopped work at the outpatient departments in most government hospitals in the state since Wednesday.

Banerjee said five persons have been arrested and their bail prayers were rejected by the court and an enquiry has been started to look into issues from all sides.

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“Our government has taken full care of the injured doctor. We pray that he recovers quickly. As per information received, he is stable and improving,” she said.

“An unfortunate incident took place in NRS Hospital 4 days ago. I sent my colleague, Chandrima Bhattacharjee, Minister-of-State, Health and Family Welfare, to visit the injured doctor and talk to a section of the junior doctors who are agitating and request them to withdraw the agitation as people are not getting treatment… I sent Commissioner of Police, Kolkata to talk to the junior doctors,” the letter said.

Cancer and kidney patients, accident victims, even children coming from distant places are suffering for not getting treatment, Banerjee said.(IANS)




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