Puri Jagmohan repair to start once technical expert team visits temple


Puri, May 20: The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has given a green signal to the proposal of protecting the roof of Puri Jagannath temple’s Jagamohan. A high level of technicians is scheduled to visit to Jagmohan for noting the situation on May 23. Once the expert team completes the work for design and estimate, then the Jagamohan roof repair work will be carried out as per the approved plans, as per the ASI sources. The roof of the Jagmohan stands mainly on four central stone columns (pillars) that are supported with eight stone beams. As there are cracks on the beams and pillars, the work for installation of stainless steel portal frame supporting the stone beams is underway at Puri temple. Steel structures are being installed to support cracked stone beams inside Jagmohan. 36 fabricated stainless steel beams of various shapes and sizes are to be placed at the top of the 16 pillars to complete the support system. All these structures will be part of the box type portal frame.


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