Rabindra Mandap witnessed the silent play on ‘Rape: bound to Surrender’

Reported by Kanhu Charan Gouda Insha Zarine Sayeed and Nishi Dang

Bhubaneswar, Aug 2:  A theatre group Samrat Sie Kalara Pujari, staged a play ‘Rape: Bound to Surrender’ at Rabindra Mandap yesterday, that was designed and directed by Sharat Samrat and had no dialogues but only physical idioms. The play had as many as 20 artistes in its cast. The plot revolved around rape, a social evil and focused on women who are tortured and assaulted.

The artistes use several sounds like crying, screaming and laughing to express emotion and feelings in this theatrical form, which is not mime but similar to it and is difficult to execute as compared to the traditional dialogue dramas. The artistes were doing this type of play for the first time which made it difficult for them to express all the characters through gestures and expressions and it took nearly two months to complete the rehearsals.

The performers of the play were dressed in black and their faces were painted as mime artistes. Total 12 scenes were performed to show the different turns in a women’s life. The artistes portrayed women from both the urban and the rural areas.