Ranjit Patnaik, The Famous Playwright Of Odisha, Passes Away

Ranjit Patnaik, The Famous Playwright Of Odisha, Passes Away
Ranjit Patnaik, The Famous Playwright Of Odisha, Passes Away

August 10, 2022

The known theatre personality and A well-known figure in the Ollywood industry, Ranjit Patnaik passed away at the age of 65 in his CDA residence at Cuttack, Odisha. Despite working as a banking professional Late Patnaik showed a huge interest in literature-related activities and wrote numerous memorable plays besides writing scripts for many films and tele-serials.

Late Patnaik who passed away after suffering from a liver ailment for a long time, left a deep impression on artists as well as the audience. Born on March 20, 1957, Patnaik completed his post-graduation and M.Phil. from Sambalpur University. And, had a profound interest in literature, theatre, and music.

His drive for creativity made him pen many tele soaps and theatrical books. Besides being a bona fide figure, Patnaik was a certified artist of Doordarshan and Akashvani in Cuttack and Sambalpur, Odisha. Apart from writing numerous famous plays, movies, and daily soaps, he had also written, produced, and directed a few documentary films.

Famous plays written by Ranjit Patnaik are Chauki, Nakata Chitrakara, Ichha Banam Padmanabha, Danabiya, Mana Tohara Nija Guru and many others.

His directional plays such as Palatka, Dhritarashtra Ra Akhi, Atha Kantha ra Amarabati, Bhirnna Eka Smasan are an all-time hit among theatre-goers.

Netizens stormed the internet with condolence messages and showed their honor for the Late Patnaik’s legacy.



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