Remain friendly and keep the honour of the uniform supreme: PM to IPS Probationers


Delhi: August 01: While addressing the IPS Probationers at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy on Saturday via video conferencing, the Prime Minister exhorted the officer trainees to remember the spirit of the freedom struggle.

He said the period between 1930 to 1947 saw the younger generation of our country rise in unison to achieve a great goal. He said that same feeling is expected in the youth of today.PM said,  “They fought for  ‘Swarajya’; you have to move forward for ‘Su rajya’”,

PM Modi told the probationers that people expect a certain degree of conduct from them. He asked them to be always mindful of the dignity of their Service not only in office or headquarters but beyond that too.

“Your will have to be aware of all the roles in the society, your need to remain friendly and keep the honour of the uniform supreme” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister reminded the officer trainees that they are flag-bearers of ‘Ek Bharat -Shreshth Bharat’, therefore they should always keep the mantra of ‘Nation First, Always First’ foremost in their mind and it should reflect in all their activities. In their decisions art field level they should keep national interest and national perspective in mind, said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister acknowledged the bright young women officers of the new generation and said that there have been efforts to increase the participation of women in the force. He expressed the hope that our daughters will infuse the police service with the highest standards of efficiency, accountability and will also bring in elements of politeness, ease and sensitivity.

He also mentioned that the states are working on introducing Commissioner System in the cities with more that 10 lakh population.  The system has already been introduced in  many cities of 16 states. He said it is important to work collectively and sensitively to make policing effective and futuristic.

The Prime Minister paid homage to the members of the police force who lost their life while serving during the pandemic. He recalled their contribution in in the fight against the pandemic.



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