Two Maoists Killed In Odisha

Two Maoists Killed In Odisha
Two Maoists Killed In Odisha

November 24

In today’s gunfight in the Gandhamardhan forest in the Bolangir district, two Maoists were killed by security forces and Maoists.

The gunfight occurred in a forest near Jal Mahadev Temple within the boundaries of the Khaprakhol police station after security personnel from Odisha’s elite Special Operation Group (SOG) and the Bolangir district voluntary force (DVF) discovered a Maoist camp during a combing operation.

“On the basis of a very specific intelligence input about the presence of Maoists in Bolangir and Bargarh area, we launched an operation on Wednesday midnight,” Odisha DGP Sunil Bansal told the media.

At around 10.30 a.m. on Thursday, security personnel noticed the movement of five Maoists in the area.

Then there was a firefight to chase them down.

Two Maoists were killed in a half-hour exchange of fire between security forces and the Maoists.

Later, during the search, the bodies of two female Maoists in uniform and two INSAS rifles were discovered, said Police DG.

Both of the Maoists who died have been identified. They were from Chhattisgarh and belonged to the Bolangir-Bargarh-Mahasamud (BBM) Maoist Division.

Both of the Naxals killed on Thursday were carrying a Rs 4 lakh reward on their heads, DG Bansal added.

“The three remaining Maoists were able to flee the area. The anti-Maoist operation was stepped up by our forces who were already present. We are hopeful that, depending on the circumstances, we will be able to capture or neutralise them “said DGP.

He said that the Odisha Police has strong commitment towards anti-Maoist policy and in accordance with the policy, they have been conducting anti-Maoist operations in the Maoist areas.

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