Vastu tips for Kitchen

1-The ideal place for the location of kitchen is the southeast corner or it     can be the northwest corner of the house.

2-As per the Vastu remedies , certain directions that are negative  for         the construction of the kitchen are: northeast, mid-north, mid-west,       southwest, mid-south and the centre of the house.

3– The cooking platform should not touch eastern or northern wall.

4-The best direction for cooking is facing east,.

5– The stove in your kitchen should never be visible from the outside. It      can lead to digestion problems for the family members.

6– The taps and sinks should not be very close to the cooking range.            Fire and water repel against each other.

7-It’s best to have the kitchen sink in the northeast direction. If there is      a dishwasher in the kitchen, place it in the northwest side of the               kitchen. The other water elements like drinking water should be               place  in the northeast.

8-Different electrical appliances also have to be kept at a right place ,, if the refrigerator is placed inside the kitchen, then keep it in the southwest direction. Exhaust fans in the kitchen should always be fitted on the eastern walls in the southeast corner. Other electrical appliances, like microwave, should be put in the southeast corner.

Have elaborate storage units, built in to give a clean and tidy look to the kitchen.

If your kitchen has overhead storage cupboards, avoid having them over the cooking range.

While constructing the kitchen, make adequate provision for cross ventilation.

The big windows of the kitchen should be in the east direction, while the smaller ones should be towards the south.

The suitable colours for the kitchen, other than green, are soft pink and orange.

There should be no toilets adjoining, above or below the kitchen.

Food should never be served in the centre of the kitchen.

Clocks in the kitchen should always be placed on the south or the southwest walls.