Vedanta Alumina requested not to close plant


Lanjigarh: Members of Vedanta Land-Losers Association Lanjigarh on Wednesday urged the COO of Vedanta Alumina requesting the latter not to close the plant.

Uday Kumar, President of VLLA, Lanjigarh, in a letter, mentioned about Vedanta’s various development initiative in terms of health, education, livelihood and infrastructure towards bringing a change in development of the region. “Previously the area was famous for poverty and starvation. Later after the establishment of Vedanta refinery the villagers got their livelihood directly or indirectly and the area is developed”, the letter stated.

Kumar said that if the company is closed then the development of the region will be adversely affected. “So we request the State government to intervene and facilitate immediate supply of bauxite to run the plant, he added. Paramanand Naik, General Secretary of Vedanta Land losers Association said that the socio- economic development of the region depends on the plant. “The villagers will run for livelihood to other States if it stops”, he added.


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