World Hepatitis Day: Kalinga Hospital Organised A Walkathon For Awareness

World Hepatitis Day: Kalinga Hospital Organised A Walkathon For Awareness
World Hepatitis Day: Kalinga Hospital Organised A Walkathon For Awareness

Bhubaneswar:  July 28:Kalinga Hospital Ltd. (KHL) in Bhubaneswar, a prominent healthcare institution in the state of Odisha, commemorated World Hepatitis Day by organising a Walkathon. Over 200 individuals enthusiastically participated in the Walkathon, demonstrating a strong commitment to raising widespread awareness about the life-threatening illness known as Hepatitis.

The individuals were observed holding placards and banners bearing slogans denouncing the lethal ailment known as Hepatitis.

The Walk was organised under the guidance of Ms. Nilanjana Mukherjee, the Managing Director of Kalinga Hospital Ltd. Dr. Ananta Agasti, a Senior Consultant, and Dr. Debakanta Mishra, a Consultant Gastroenterologist at KHL, were also present. Additionally, Dr. P K Mishra, the Medical Superintendent, and Mr. Devee Prasad Nanda, the Chief Manager of Administration at Kalinga Hospital Limited, participated in the event.

“Prevention is possible! Vaccines and effective treatments exist, offering hope for all. Hepatitis B vaccine is available for both adults and children, while safe oral treatments can cure hepatitis C. Knowing their status and accessing treatment is crucial for pregnant women with chronic viral hepatitis B to prevent mother-to-child transmission.” Said, Dr. Ananta Agasti, Senior Consultant, Gastroenterology, Kalinga Hospital Ltd. Bhubaneswar.

This year’s theme is “We’re not waiting; One life, one liver.” WHD 2023 call to action is to “accelerate elimination efforts of viral hepatitis now and the urgent need for testing and treatment for the real people who need it.

The goal of the campaign is to increase public awareness of the various types of hepatitis, including what they are, how they are transmitted, who is at risk, and various preventative and therapeutic measures.

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Since more than 30 years ago, Kalinga Hospital Ltd. (KHL), the state of Odisha’s first corporate hospital, has offered cutting-edge medical care. The managing director of Kalinga Hospitals Ltd., Ms. Nilanjana Mukherjee, stated, “Hepatitis can be managed with early detection. Let’s work together to raise awareness and protect our Liver.”



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