10 Things You Need To Know About & After The Kabul Airport Blasts


Kabul Airport Blasts: During & After The Attacks

The Kabul airport blasts have raised serious questions about world peace, among world leaders and civilians. The war-torn country that faced a devastating twin blast earlier on the evening of 26th of August, 2021, has not yet mourned the loss of its people and yet another terrorist plot has been rumored. The blast that broke all hopes of the Afghan people trying to flee the country has also massively disturbed the world peace. Tensions are rising among world leaders about the future of the nation and what it may become, keeping in fact of it’s previous involvement with ISIS, Al Qaeda and sheltering them. Here are 10 things you need to know about and after the Kabul Airport Blasts:

  1. Twin Blast In Kabul
    • Islamic Terrorist bombers outside the international airport at Afghanistan’s Kabul  attacked crowds of people waiting outside the airport desperately seeking to flee the Taliban-led Afghanistan, on Thursday. According to confirmed sources, two severe blasts occurred at the Baron camp near the Abbey gate of Airport.
  2. Death Count Increasing, Hospitals Packed
    • The Kabul airport blasts that shook the US forces and the civilians in and out of the airport has killed at least 65 including 13 US security personals and left dozens injured. However unofficial sources have confirmed that there are at least 105 casualties and has left over 10 dozen injured. A video from a local news agency has reported showing dozens of bodies swamping in the canal adjacent to the airport boundary. Hospitals on the other hand have reported shortage of beds and necessary resources to treat the wounded. It is also reported that many seriously wounded admitted in the hospitals are said to be in critical condition.
  3. Taliban Spokesperson Say, US responsible for Blast
    • After the massive twin blast at the Kabul airport, a Taliban spokesperson speaking to the media has said that the airport was guarded by the US army, where the blasts occurred and Taliban is nowhere to be blamed for this. In the meanwhile, the terrorist organization ISIS has taken credit for the blast.
  4. Prez Biden confirms pullout of US Troops from Kabul by 31st
    • President Joe Biden of the United States of America on his twitter has condemned the brutal Kabul airport blasts. While addressing the media later in the evening, Biden confirmed that the US troops at the Kabul airport helping evacuate US and Afghan civilians from Afghanistan will leave the Afghan soil by 31st August in wake of the deadly attack that shook the world.
  5. Spain Completes Evacuation: Diplomats Safe in UAE
    •  In the meanwhile, after the evacuation process resumed post the twin blast at the Kabul Airport, two army planes carrying the last of the 81 people from Kabul, flew out of Kabul early today and landed at Dubai. With this, Spain has concluded it’s evacuation process, reported a Spanish Daily Newspaper.
  6. The British PM condoles the death of US forces and civilians in the blast.
    • The Britain Prime Minister, on Thursday has said, that he is extremely disheartened by the attacks at the Kabul airport and expressed his condolences to the US forces and the civilians who lost their lives in the massive terror plot. “We will keep on continuing the evacuation process of our own and the Afghans”, added PM johnson.
  7. We will hunt down the monsters responsible for this attacks — Biden
    • US president Biden, in his press conference yesterday has stated that the notorious attacks have not just caused casualties but have also disturbed the world peace and the US will not forgive and will hunt down those responsible for the twin attacks at the airport yesterday that  killed at least 80 people.  However, the actual source of attacks are yet to be ascertained. It is reported that, one of the blast was caused by a suicide bomber while there are less clues about the second.
  8. Taliban May Turn Afghan soil into a Militant Heaven — West fears
    • In the meanwhile, after the twin attacks, many western countries have feared that the Taliban who once  sheltered Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda may turn Afghanistan into a haven for militants. However, the Taliban has refused such allegations and has said that they will not entertain terrorists to use this country as their breeding grounds.
  9. Over 1.5 Lakh Evacuated in 12 days.
    • According to various sources, the current rescue and evacuation operation underway at Kabul has led to evacuation and airlift of at least 1.45 lakh people. The US itself has evacuated and airlifted over 1,00,000 people, stated the press secretary of the USA in his press conference yesterday.
  10. 550 Indians Evacuated, Many Still Inside Kabul
    • In the meanwhile, 550 people so far have been evacuated by India in 6 separate flights including both Indians and Afghans. Out of these 260 are said to be Indians. “Some more Indians are still there in Afghanistan, we are trying to evacuate them as soon as possible. We are also trying to evacuate Afghans seeking to flee the country, however, our primary target will be rescuing Indians only”, said a government source on Friday.


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