1525 Cases Infected With Omicron Variant Detected In India

India's Covid Recovery Rate Stands At 98.72%
India's Covid Recovery Rate Stands At 98.72%
  • Omicron Cases in India: 1525
  • Maharashtra reports highest Omicron cases 

January 02

India has reported about 1,525 cases infected with Omicron variant since the first case was reported in November, the Health Ministry said. So far 560 patients have recovered from the new Covid Variant Omicron.

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Twenty Three States in India have registered cases of Omicron Variant. Maharashtra has reported 460 cases, followed by Delhi 351 cases. Gujarat reported 136 cases of Omicron so far while Tamilnadu and Kerala recorded 117 and 109 cases respectively.

Notably, Omicron variant was first detected in South Africa last month and it has spread to around 106 countries.

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