31-year-old blind Bangalore citizen completes marathon for the first time


New Delhi, Apr 18: Sagar Baheti of Bangalore was the first one to set forth an example by overcoming the hardships of being visually impaired and completing the Boston Marathon, the world`s hardest, most competitive and the hardest marathon associated by Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The 31 year old Baheti by the help and support of his college friend Devika Narain Aerts Boston-based was able to accomplish his goal of 121st Boston Marathon among the 30,000 runners. He was able to complete 42.16 km distance within four hours.

Suffering from Stargardt’s disease that is a macular disease, leads to complete blindness. He did not allow his weakness to come in his way of living. He is a businessman by profession as well as sports enthusiast. He has raised awareness regarding visual impairment which paved his way to participate in the marathon with a hope to raise $10,000 for MABVI to build an advanced low-vision device that will make daily commuting a lot more easier for visually impaired people.
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