Couple murdered in desire of Hanuman Coin


Rajgangpur, Dec 1: A couple was  brutally murdered by 3 men at around midnight on the 30th of November at their residence at Bhikapada Village in Rajgangpur. Identified as Jalaram Kispata, 70 and his fourth wife Dumuni, 55 were murdered, guessed because of a Hanuman coin.

In the month of August Jalaram was almost hacked to death by many goons. But after rigorous treatment he came out well. Improper police inquiry has led to brutal murder of the couple, say relatives.

Reports say that after death of Jalaram’s first 3 wives, he married Dumuni and was residing at the village. He had 3 children from his previous wives, out of which 2 were staying in the town at a hostel and studying while the girl Sanu was living with him.

On the day of the incidence while Sanu was sleeping in the inside room, three people came to the house and knocked. Jalaram and wife dint open the door after continuous knocking. Soon the knocking stopped and the goons’ tear opened the kuchha roof of the house and entered. After entering they hacked the couple with sickles. Listening to Jalaram and Dumuni shouting Sanu came out of room but after seeing them, scared, she couldn’t shout. After the goons left, Sanu knocked on the neighbors’ doors and informed them about the incident.

After the locals informed the police, Rajgangpur police with the help of a Scientific team from Sundargarh and sniffer dogs, are onto the case and the investigations is on, said sources.

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