59 H3N2 Influenza Cases Found In Odisha

ଓଡିଶା ରେ ୫୯ ଟି H3N2 ମାମଲା
ଓଡିଶା ରେ ୫୯ ଟି H3N2 ମାମଲା

March 11

Odisha has reported 59 H3N2 influenza cases. According to the Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) in Bhubaneswar, 59 H3N2 influenza cases were found in Odisha out of 225 samples collected in January and February.

According to the most recent data available on the IDSP-IHIP (integrated health Information Platform), 3038 laboratory-confirmed cases of various subtypes of influenza, including H3N2, have been reported by Indian states till March 9th, 2023. This includes 1245 cases in January 1307 in February, and 486 in March (as of March 9th).

The Union Health Ministry is monitoring the Seasonal Influenza situation in various States/UTs in real time via the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) network.

The Ministry is also keeping a close eye on morbidity and mortality due to the seasonal influenza H3N2 subtype. In the context of seasonal influenza, young children and elderly people with co-morbidities are the most vulnerable groups.

So far, Karnataka and Haryana have confirmed one H3N2 influenza death each.

Seasonal influenza is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza viruses that circulate throughout the world, with cases increasing during specific months.

Every year, India experiences two peaks of seasonal influenza: one from January to March and another in the post-monsoon season. Seasonal influenza cases are expected to decline beginning in March. As a result, state surveillance officers are fully prepared to meet this public health challenge.

The Odisha government issued an advisory after two people, one from Haryana and the other from Karnataka, died of influenza caused by the H3N2 virus.

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According to the advice, people should wear masks (essential for people suffering from colds and coughs), use handkerchiefs while sneezing if they are not wearing masks, and drink plenty of water.

Among the symptoms of the H3N2 virus are sore throat, fever, muscle ache, cough, and acute respiratory issues.


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