99.78% Oxygen Beds In Hospitals Are Still Vacant: CM Delhi


January 2

Amidst rising cases of Corona in Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference and informed about the Covid cases and preparedness in the capital.

Kejriwal said that daily cases of corona in the capital are increasing continuously. In 3 days, the number of daily active cases has increased 3 times. But people do not need to be afraid of this, because the rate of hospitalization of the infected is low.

Speaking on the availability of Oxygen Beds, Delhi CM said, 99.78% oxygen beds in hospitals are still vacant. The government has arranged 37,000 oxygen beds, out of which only 82 beds have patients.

According to Kejriwal, there were about 2,000 corona cases in Delhi on 29 December 2021, which increased to 6,000 on 1 January. But during this time the number of patients in hospitals has decreased. On December 29, patients were admitted on 262 beds. At the same time, on January 1, this number has come down to 247.

He said that on March 27 last year, there were 6,600 active cases in Delhi and 1,150 oxygen beds were full. At that time 145 patients were on ventilator. Now only 5 patients are on ventilator. There are currently 6,360 active cases of corona in Delhi and 3,100 new cases are expected to be reported today (Sunday). All cases are mild and most of them do not require hospitalization.


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