Aama Odisha Nabin Odisha Programme Launched In Two More Districts

Aama Odisha Nabin Odisha Programme Launched In Two More Districts
Aama Odisha Nabin Odisha Programme Launched In Two More Districts

Bhubaneswar: October 31: The Odisha government has initiated a campaign aimed at enhancing the infrastructure for the development of a robust Odisha, as part of its ambitious rural-oriented strategy known as ‘Aama Odisha Nabin Odisha‘.

This plan aims to prioritize the development of panchayats and villages in the state of Odisha.

The plan was launched by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in the districts of Rayagada and Jharsuguda on the sixth day of the program, using a virtual connection from Bhubaneswar on Monday. Under this initiative, a sum of 50 lakh rupees will be allocated to each panchayat.

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A total sum of 91 crore rupees has been allocated to three constituencies within the Rayagada district. The constituencies are Raigarh, Gunupur, and Bishamakatak. A total of 2613 projects are anticipated to be implemented in 182 gram panchayats across 11 blocks of the constituency.

In a similar vein, a total of 39 crores has been allocated for the development of two constituencies within the Jharsuguda district. The constituencies are Jharsuguda and Brajaraj Nagar. A total of 957 projects will be implemented in 78 gram panchayats across 5 blocks.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that the spread of culture and improvement of modern infrastructure will take our villages to the peak of development. New Odisha will spread its wings further and reach new heights to touch the broad spectrum of modern technology from our strong cultural base.

Development of all villages is our goal. Everyone in the village will be guaranteed education and health. Culture will be protected and modernity will be developed in villages. The developed village will be the identity of modern Odisha. Odisha is the land of Jagannath. Love of the world, peace, harmony, equality, and service are the message of Jagannath culture. Irrespective of caste, religion, and community, it has made everyone its own. Our Odisha Nabin Odisha program will preserve Jagannath culture in every village. Every place of worship will be developed. Heritage sites will be preserved. The Chief Minister said that the preservation and protection of these cultural and heritage sites is essential for our future generations.

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The development of digital infrastructure in villages is one of the objectives of this scheme. Internet connection will be available in the village. There will be a Science Park, skill development center, and  Works hub in villages. Banking facilities will be available. The primary schools of the village will also be involved in this program. It will bring immense opportunities to our youth society, mothers, farmers, brothers and sisters, and students and will further enhance Odisha’s identity as a modern, strong, progressive, and culturally aware state.

In this new Odisha, our foundation will be strong wings will be strong and the aspirational Odisha vision will be realized and wish everyone’s cooperation in the successful implementation of our Ama Odisha Nabin Odisha program, Chief Minister said.

5T and Naveen Odisha Chairman Shri V.K. Pandian, who coordinated the event, said that the transformation program has created enthusiasm among the people.

5T and Nabina Odisha Chairman V.K. Participating in the program, said that the Chief Minister aims to bring transformation in all villages through the program ‘Aam Odisha Nabin Odisha’. Our conversion will be a model for other states, he said. He said that we will carry out all the work in the village in a timely and transparent manner.


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