Adharapana rituals of deities today


Puri, July 16: The ‘Adharapana’ ritual of Lord Jagannath , Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra will be performed today.

The special drink prepared by the Mahasuara servitors, using milk, banana, chese, aeromatic spices and water would be offered to the deities on their respective chariots. The water is collected from a well on the premises of Chhauni math near the Singhadwara by Pania Apat servitors.

After performing the rituals, the servitors break the pots to spill the ‘pana’ over the chariots. According to the rituals, the ‘pana’ is only for the God and Goddess who has stayed on chariot on the period of Ratha yatra to guard Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balavadra. They are said ‘Rath Rakhyak’. Devotees should not take the ‘Adhar Pana’ Prashad. It is also believed that the evil spirit who roam around the chariot get salvation after drinking the ‘pana’.

Notably, on Friday, around 10 lakh devotees had arrived the pilgrim town to witness the ‘Suna Besa’ of deities. Around 138 types of gold ornament weighing two quintals are used in Sunabesha of deities.


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