Another Loss For Bengal BJP: BJP MLA Biswajit Das Joins The TMC


BJP MLA Biswajit Das Joins TMC: BJP Legislators’ Count Falls From 77 to 72

Kolkata, August 31: Mamata Banerjee’s TMC (Trinamool Congress) in West Bengal has dealt another blow to the BJP. BJP MLA Biswajit Das joined the TMC on Tuesday. In addition to him, Councillor Manotosh Nath has also joined the TMC. Earlier on Monday, Tanmay Ghosh, MLA from Bishnupur constituency left the BJP and joined the TMC.

Like Tanmay Ghosh, Biswajit Das was formerly at TMC and is now back home. In a statement to the media, Biswajit Das said, “I went to the BJP and made a mistake and wanted to return to the TMC.”

Biswajit, a two-time TMC MLA, joined the BJP ahead of the assembly elections. He joined the BJP with Mukul Ray. According to rumours, Biswajit wanted to contest from Bangaon, but was asked by the BJP to contest from Bagda. Which he was not happy with.

Notably, Biswajit wanted to leave the BJP just before the elections, but Mukul Roy asked him to do it after the assembly elections. It is learned that the BJP who won 77 seats in the Assembly elections, has now been left with 72. According to sources, in the coming days, some more legislators are also expected to leave the party and join the TMC.

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