Astrological tips for students while studying


Students – children and  adults aren’t able to completely focus on their studies  though they seriously want to. Some times, the student may know a great deal about the subject, but is unable to show his work in the examination .We will  discuss the astrological reasons .

When the Sun and Moon are misbalanced, it makes the student think that he knows everything, but when he attempts to give answer, the mind wanders and the student is  unable to complete the required task  in a  proper way .

If the Sun is weak, it causes the work span, or study time to be very short as the student is unable to read  for a long time.

– As a remedy, don’t study for a long time  and study in intervals. Map out your daily routine which  you will follow regularly .

– If you are unable to work for a long time, then take a deep breath through your right nostril and start saying “Om” while standing in front of the Sun. This should be a long Om. Also take some jiggery  after doing this.

The Moon causes the mind to wander as soon as you start  study. If this continues, a time will  come when the mind becomes so weak that the person becomes nervous  of studies and, examinations, Even  in life it  causes one to be afraid of work ,business or  driving. Moon is also responsible for your memory, so if you are forgetting  your study, follow the  remedies:

– whenever you sit down to study, breathe deeply for about 5 times prior to study.

– Always write what you are trying to learn

– Use  a collared pencil – preferably blue

– Make a sky blue collared circle above the study table, concentrate on this circle before study; it will help you to make your mind calm , concentration .

– Avoid taking  salty or very sweet food

– Wear rudraaksh beads or drink from a rudraaksh vessel

This will help you at the time of your study


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