Auto Rickshaw Driver Deliberately Hits Jharkhand Judge: Says CBI


Auto Rickshaw Driver Deliberately Hits Jharkhand Judge: Kills Judge

New Delhi: Jharkhand judge Uttam Anand was hit by an autorickshaw driver, the CBI told the court today, citing a ground zero and forensic report.

The Jharkhand High Court today asked the joint director of the CBI, which is overseeing the investigation, to provide the latest information on the case before appearing in court today.

Jharkhand District Judge Uttam Anand was killed when an autorickshaw hit him in July. According to sources, after verifying the CCTV footage and analysing the crime scene, it was found that Judge Anand was deliberately hit by the auto rikshaw driver.

According to the source, the CBI has deployed four separate forensic teams from across the country to investigate the allegations.

In addition, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, ‘brain mapping’ and ‘necroanalysis’ or ‘lie-detector test’ reports of two accused were also thoroughly studied.

The current investigation is nearing completion and the CBI is combining its investigation report with its forensic report.

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