Best Diet for Summers!!!

Bhubaneswar, Mar 31: It’s just the month of April and Summers have already hit severely in maximum cities in the country, one being the capital city of Odisha. Not only the capital, but the rest of the districts of Odisha have also started facing the temperatures. As per the MeT department of the state, heatwave conditions are prevailing in parts of the state. As a result, diseases are spreading rapidly, affecting lives all over.

Heatwaves are such that they can make people stop having food sue to the sudden loss of the appetite. People in this heat do not feel like having anything except chilled water. But, not having enough food affects health in a major way. Thus, during the hotter temperatures, it’s important to eat the apt food at the apt time and also take enough liquids, to stay fit and healthy even if one doesn’t feel like having.
There are some specific food and drinks which should be consumed in summers as that would keep one cool and hydrated. Most importantly, salads and fruit juices are the much preferred ones. Apart from these, there are certain fruits and veggies that contain more amount of water in comparison to other so that one feels hydrated and those are:
Watermelons, Cucumber, Strawberries, Pomegranate, Lettuce, Celery, Radishes, Carrots, Tomatoes and Spinach.
And drinks are recommended to be consumed to stay hydrated especially water, Instead of taking sugary beverages loaded with excess calories, water is preferred as it can be detrimental to one’s health. One can utilize a water bottle kept in his/her office so that one can replenish water whenever needed. Use of natural flavouring in water by using a slice of fruits like lemon or strawberries can also be a good option as that adds a little flavour to the water. Also, Coconut water and lemon water are the best preferred for the hot summers. Fruit Juices such as Sugarcane juice or any other fruit juice are also preferably healthy.