Bharatiya Janata Party To Form Ministry In 4 States

Brajarajnagar Bypoll: Jharsuguda BJP Chief Resigns
Brajarajnagar Bypoll: Jharsuguda BJP Chief Resigns

March 10

Bharatiya Janata Party is going to form Ministry in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa.

As per latest report, in UP, BJP and its alliance are leading almost in 273 seats while SP and alliance are leading in 125 seats. BSP and Congress are leading in 1 and 2 seats respectively. Others are in 2 seats.

In last election (2017), BJP had won in 312 seats, Congress in 7 seats, BSP in 19 seats, SP in 47 seats and Others in 18 seats.

So, in comparison to last election, SP is doing well this time. But, Congress and BSP failed miserably.

If we shall look at the results so far of Uttarakhand, BJP is leading in 48 seats, Congress in 18 seats and others in 4 seats. In 2017, BJP had won in 57 seats, Congress in 11 seats and others in 2 seats. Here Congress gained in comparison to last election.

In Manipur, BJP is leading in 32 seats, Congress in 5 seats and others in 23 seats while in 2017, Congress had won in 28 seats and BJP in 21 seats. Others had won in 11 seats. BJP has gained in terms of number of seats.

In Goa, BJP is leading in 20 seats, Congress in 12 seats and others in 8 seats. In last election, BJP had won in 13 seats whereas Congress had won in 20 seats. Others were in 7 seats.



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