BJP will get full majority, Modi will again be PM: Shah

BJP will get full majority, Modi will again be PM: Shah
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New Delhi: May 17: BJP President Amit Shah on Friday said that his party will get absolute majority in the Lok Sabha polls and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would form the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“After the results will come out on May 23, the BJP will have a full majority to form its government. The NDA will form the government. Partners of the pre-poll alliance will be in government and Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister. There is no question of any confusion,” Shah said at a press conference here at party headquarters here with Prime Minister Modi by his side.

If any party impressed with the BJP’s policies wishes to join the government, “they are welcome”, he said.

“We will perform good in the Northeast, very good in West Bengal. We will do good in Odisha and there will be improvement in number of seats in all the states in the south. We will improve in Maharashtra also,” the BJP chief said.

Shah said that the party started its election campaign from January 16 and its target was to win the 120 Lok Sabha seats which could not be won the last time.

“We are confident that we will receive good results,” he said.

The BJP President said that Modi led a “detailed and positive” campaign and tried to touch every part of the country, addressing a total of 142 election rallies and holding roadshows in many places.(IANS)



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