Boyfriend kills his own friend for passing obscene comments on girlfriend in Rourkela, Odisha


Rourkela, Mar 25: In Jalda area here, a youth was brutally beaten to death by his own friend and two others for allegedly passing obscene comments to his friend’s girlfriend on Thursday night. The name of the deceased Paklu Oram. Three persons have been detained by the cops including the main convict, Ajay Lohar, Rohan Kumbhar and Shakar Tudu. Outraged by the comments, Ajay called Paklu in a deserted place near a school on Friday morning where he with his two other friends allegedly attacked Paklu with iron rods and killed him with a stone. The cops with the forensic team reached the area and later arrested the accused. Paklu’s body had been recovered today from an isolated area, two kms from a local school. The family alleged that Paklu was murdered by his friends who had earlier asked him out from house on Thursday. Police officer, Manas Swain informed the media that a case has been filed based on the complaint made by the deceased’s family that Paklu had not returned home since he left to meet Ajay.

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