Congress accuses Modi of using petrol price as political tool, demands cut

Jaiveer Shergill. (Photo: Twitter/@JaiveerShergill)

New Delhi, May 20: The Congress on Sunday alleged that prices of petroleum products were being used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi “as a tool” to benefit BJP during elections and demanded that the prices should stay at least at the level that prevailed during the Karnataka assembly elections.

Talking to reporters here, Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill said the price of petrol and diesel were at a record five-year high, and if the government can control price of petroleum products during Karnataka polls, it should do so around the year in the interest of people. “If he (Modi) can control the price (of petrol and diesel) for his own interest during the polls in Karnataka, why can’t he do it now and all year around in public interest? That means fuel prices is just a tool for him to get the benefit in elections.

“On behalf of the people of India, that at least control the price if you cannot reduce it. Modi should give priority to the interest of public over his political interests,” he said. State-run Indian Oil Corp on Sunday raised transport fuel to record highs in Delhi on the seventh day of resuming the daily price change system, following a temporary suspension that lasted 20 days.

The price of petrol in Delhi touched a record high of Rs 76.24 per litre under the dynamic pricing regime beating the previous high of Rs 76.06 in the city on September 14, 2013.

(Source: IANS)



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