Cousin rapes minor: BJP demands immediate arrest of culprits

Sex racket running in the guise of a consultancy firm in Bhubaneswar

Berhampur, Mar 30 : In link to a political rivalry where a cousin along with four others allegedly raped her sister (minor) for 10 days in a forest near Ankuli, the state BJP yesterday, demanded for the immediate arrest of the culprits.

After meeting and taking a detail report of the incident with the victim and her father, the state BJP women’s wing took the incident to the Ganjam SP and demand the immediate arrest of the culprits. The delegation also warned the state and the police, if the accused are not nabbed within 24 hours, they would go on a protest, said sources

While as of police sources, the medical examination of the girl and her statement before the magistrate has been recorded. The Chikti police have by now identified the culprits and the process to arrest them is underway, added sources.

Notably, the girl, a minor, was kidnaped from her residence at Chikti by one of his cousin and four others on Mar 9 and was gang-raped by, for about 10 days in the jungle. She was released on Mar 18 by the evil, after giving a life threat of not disclosing the matter to the public.

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