Crackers with new look in Odisha Market

By Kanhu Charan Gouda and Nishi Dang

Diwali, also known as festival of lights, is a time to decorate our homes with candles, lamps (diyas), colorful tiny lights, rangoli and exchange sweets and love with our dear ones. No matter what, whether middle class family or upper class family, all celebrate this festival in their own style. The lightening of diyas and the use of tiny electrical colorful lights after sunset creates a different sort of magic as they sparkle and shine when the sun is out. Their true beauty is revealed in the darkness when they fill our house with light and happiness. The major highlight of Diwali is nothing but the different types of crackers.

Be it a kid, a middle-aged or an old-aged person, the joy to burst crackers on the festival of Diwali never depletes. The light coming out after burning a cracker gives a soothing smile and joy which automatically comes on our faces. May be that’s why, without crackers, Diwali is incomplete.

As the time has changed, the crackers are now manufactured as per people’s choice. The pleasure that comes when people celebrate the festival by burning crackers with family and friends is a feeling that cannot be expressed by words. Some celebrate the festival only by lighting the diyas, while some also burst crackers and celebrate the festival. As the festival comes once in a year, people can’t just let go the celebrations without doing anything unusual or unique.  

The cracker lovers in the capital city will get to see different types of crackers that have come in the market to make their Diwali distinct this year.

A cracker named ‘Party Cannon’ is a new type of cracker that one will find in the market this year. Though it is priced a little high at Rs 2250, its demand has shown an increase so far.

Saroj Kumar Khatua, owner of a cracker shop said, “Out of 4 pieces of Party Cannon, 3 have been sold in a day.”

To use this cracker which is in the shape of a champagne bottle, one has to just twist the bottom part of the cracker after which it goes up in the sky and bursts, displaying the beautiful and sparkly colors. The unique thing about this cracker is that it does not require fire to burn and is thus quite safe.

Another new cracker named ‘Flower Pots Deluxe’ can be found in the market this year which is also in great demand. Its price range starts from Rs 500 to Rs 5000. A cracker named ‘Super Stick Lovely’ having a quality to produce light in a flower design in the sky after bursting it, has also been introduced in the market. One can buy this cracker at around Rs 580.

Apart from these, the Rocket cracker, a ‘must have’ cracker on Diwali, has come in a new form this year and is able to produce colorful line with 3D design when it bursts in the sky. This time with increase in price due to the introduction of new designs, one has to pay between Rs 100-Rs 30,000 for the various innovative rockets in the market.

Some other crackers like, Laxmi bomb, chinese bomb, bullet bomb, sparklers (fuljadi), ground spinner (chakri), anar (kumpi) in different sizes are the ones without which the people feel incomplete in their cracker shopping. This time the combination of these fire crackers has also come up in a combo pack of Rs 400. Local bombs like ‘Talaphotoka’ and ‘Sutali bomb’ (Rope bomb) is in demand as these are available at a cheap price starting from Rs 5 per piece to Rs 500.

For children’s, this time a variety of designed toy guns are available in the market. Crackers with ‘Mario’ and ‘Chhota bheem’ cartoons printed on them have attracted children.  

On the other hand, it is also important to keep in mind that our enjoyment does not disturb others surrounding us. The noise from crackers is no cause of celebration for animals, whether they are on the streets or as pets at home. As dogs have a hearing sense much sharper than humans, the noise from crackers creates a terrifying effect on them. We can celebrate a safe Diwali with full enjoyment only by taking precautionary measures. It’s not necessary to burn crackers and celebrate Diwali. No one can stop others from doing what they want but out of humanity it’s our responsibility to take care of our surrounding environment. Instead of spending money on purchasing crackers, we can spend a little for those who don’t have access to basic need of food or shelter. One can donate an amount to an orphanage so that they can also celebrate a happy Diwali. Our little contribution is enough for them to smile.