Death of woman today due to transfusion of blood from wrong blood group in Keonjhar, Odisha


Keonjhar, Dec 14: Today the district headquarters erupted into a tension stricken place due to the death of a patient who died because of alleged transfusion of wrong blood.

The deceased’s family members have filed a complaint against the chief district medical officer (CDMO) and assistant district medical officer (ADMO), thus claiming that it’s because of the negligence on the part of the medical authorities that this incident took place.

It’s stated that Sukanti Nayak belonging to the Old Bazar area here had been admitted to the medicine ward of the hospital on Tuesday. However, the doctors referred to shift her to Cuttack for better treatment and so all arrangements were made to shift her on Wednesday. Meanwhile, doctors advised her for a unit of blood. But the hospital staff on duty allegedly transfused blood of the wrong blood group thus leading to her death as said by the relatives. The patient was of blood group ‘O’ but she was given blood of blood group ‘A’. This was alleged by Sricharan Nayak, a relative of the patient. Another relative has demanded of compensation or else the corpse would not be taken for the funeral.

The hospital authorities has admitted the blunder committed by the hospital staff as there was a miscommunication at the blood bank which led to this unfortunate incident. This was said by CDMO Kabindra Sahoo said. He elaborated that two requisitions in the same name, one from Gynaecology and another from Medicine ward, had come to the blood bank. When the technicians processed the requisition for the gynaecology ward patient, the attendants were not present there at the time. So, the kin of Nayak, received the blood, actually meant for the Gynaecology patient. He added that the sister on duty should have examined the group before transfusion.

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