Dhanu Jatra in Bargarh and Sulia festival in Balangir, Odisha kick starts from today


Bargarh/Balangir, Jan 2: The much-awaited world famous Dhanu Jatra has started from today as yesterday all the rituals before the Goddess ‘Samaleswari’, the presiding deity of the event in western Odisha, were carried out. The 11-day gala event will set the stage for all mythological places related to Lord Krishna based in the ancient city itself. Bargarh becomes the Mathuranagari and Ambapalli area is staged as Gopapur, the parenting place of Krishna. Jeera River is considered as river Yamuna and Hatapada mandap is taken as the Raj darbar of king Kansa. Elephants and camels arrived at the Bargarh town yesterday itself, for conducting the journey of Kansa Maharaj. However, none of the political leaders, ministers and people’s representatives have been invited to the festival due to the code of conduct for the panchayat polls in force and inviting them will lead to the violation of the poll code. This was said by Baragarh Collector Anjan Manik.

On the other hand, the tribal of Khairaguda in Balangir have prepared to observe the famous Sulia festival. The district tribal welfare association and Sulia Puja committee had a meeting on Saturday where the tribal decided to sacrifice animals and birds like previous years. Sulia Sanskar Samiti blamed the government and district administration for not undertaking any awareness campaign against the act this year.

Dhanu Jatra is an annual drama-based open air theatrical performance celebrated within a 6 km radius in and around the Bargarh municipality. It is considered to be the world’s largest open-air theatrical festival.

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