Senior AICC Leader Slams RSS’s Mohan Bhagwat On His Remarks About Women Should Be Housewives


New Delhi: Ex-CM Madhyap Pradesh & senior congress leader, Digvijay Singh on Friday, had compared RSS to Taliban. Attacking RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement, where he said, that men should be breadwinners while women should be housewives, the Ex-general Secretary of AICC, in a tweet has said, “Women should be housewives, men should be breadwinners: Mohan Bhagwat | IndiaToday. Does Taliban and RSS has a similarity of views on Working Women? Looks like it, unless Mohan Bhagwat ji and Taliban change their views.”

For the second time in a row, and in a week, people have compared RSS to Taliban . Earlier this week, former parliamentarian, Javed Akhtar, in a TV appearance, had also compared RSS to Taliban saying, “Just as Taliban wants an Islamic state, there are those who want a Hindu Rashtra. These people are of same mindset, it never changes— be it Muslim, Christians, Jews or Hindus”. He also said, “Of course the Taliban are violent, brutal. But those supporting the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are even the same”.

Earlier this week, Digvijay Singh had slammed the RSS and alleged that the volunteer organisation is playing Divide-and-rule. They are dividing the hindu and muslim communities by spreading lies and misconception.

On RSS chief’s other statement, where he mentioned that the DNA of Hindus and Muslims being one, Singh charged at him, asking him, “if that is the case, then why issues like Love Jihad are being raised?”

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Replying to Digvijay Singh’s statement, Home Minster Narrottam Mishra has slammed him, saying, why he never tweets against the terrorist. He also said that, Singh has a mindset of standing with people with divisive mindset.


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