Dogs Or Medicines? Let’s Discuss, Why To Choose Paws Of Healing Over Bitter Medicines

Dogs Or Medicines? Let’s Discuss, Why To Choose Paws Of Healing Over Bitter Medicines
Dogs Or Medicines? Let’s Discuss, Why To Choose Paws Of Healing Over Bitter Medicines

Celebrating International Dog Day, being grateful to our furry friends on their special day!

August 26, 2022

By Anirban Hritiq

Why are dogs special?

Perhaps, the most loyal creature in the world was first domesticated in the northern Eurasia region between 14,000 and 29,000 years ago, which means we are associated with our four-legged furry friends for a reasonably long period. Dogs hold a special place in human life as they have been serving us with complete dedication for ages. But what makes them special? Humans have been trying to domesticate animals of all types for personal benefit, we have domesticated horses for traveling and wars, elephants and camels for carrying goods, cows and other cattle animals for dairy products, fur, leather, and meat but dogs were domesticated as companions who would walk, hunt, fight, guard and live together. Dogs have been helping us since the initial days of civilization by protecting our herds, guarding our houses, accompanying us on hunting grounds, and many daily happenings. No doubt, the special bonding that both men and dogs have shared since have made dogs an irreplaceable part of our life, making them the closest animals.

Dogs have been part of our traditions and historical records as well for example when five Pandava brothers namely Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva, and their wife Draupadi left for their journey towards heaven they were accompanied by a dog. As the journey continued, slowly one by one all started falling starting from Draupadi and ending with Bhima, and at last, only Yudhishthira and the dog which was accompanying them throughout the journey were left alive. Upon arriving near Lord Indra’s chariot, Yudhishthira was welcomed with open arms by the King of Gods, Lord Indra but he rejected the entry of the dog saying that it doesn’t deserve the pleasure of heaven and is useless. After, listening to Lord Indra’s agitations Yudhishthira politely denied traveling to heaven by saying ‘I don’t want to experience the pleasures of heaven if I am not going to be accompanied by my sole companion, who traveled together with me on this long journey when my four brothers and wife abandoned me and left for heavenly adobe due to their virtues’ and started walking back. Startled with such a reply from Yudhishthira, Lord Indira cried, ‘Stop, Dharmaraj the dog was no one else but God Dharma from whom you have descended!’ the dog transformed into God Dharma and blessed Yudhishthira for keeping up with his moral standards even at the final journey of his life, and then they continued for the journey towards the heaven.

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This shows how special was the bonding between dogs and humans, even though it got a detailed mention in the world’s longest epic Mahabharata.

Natural Healers: Paws that can heal mankind

Dogs and humans are emotionally attached and a true dog lover can express the traumatic experience that a family face upon the demise of a pet dog. They come into the family as kids and get close to you like no else, perhaps the only creature in the world which loves humans selflessly. No matter how harsh you be on them or treat them, dogs will only respond with love and care. Due to this sympathetic nature of dogs, now even therapists are recommending that patients with depression should adopt dogs.

As per research, it has been found that interacting with dogs can reduce the stress-causing hormone Cortisol and boost the happiness hormone Oxytocin in humans. Therefore, we can say to leave a stress-free and happy life one must befriend a furry pal. As per the statistical analysis, the number of pet dogs in India is increasing at a rapid pace and is forecasted to rich over 30 million by the end of 2023, which is almost twice 2018’s survey report.

Celebration of International Dogs Day:

Dogs being the most loyal companions of humans truly deserve a day dedicated to them, which was visioned by Collen Paige an animal welfare advocate and lifestyle expert in the year 2004. Collen started the trend of observing International Dogs Day on the 26th of August every year. It was a day on which his family adopted their dog named Sheltie when he was only 10 years old. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm amongst the dog lovers community. It promotes the idea of adopting dogs rather than buying one and endorses equal treatment for both recognized and local dog breeds.

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What’s your experience with dogs? Do share with us in the comment section below. Happy International Dogs Day, 2022.



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