Firing in Russia’s Perm State University; Indian Students are safe

Firing in Russia's Perm State University; Indian Students are safe

September 20

A Gunman opened fire at the premises of Russia’s Perm State University, which caused death of eight people. Also, 24 people got injuries due to the incident.

As said by Russian Investigative Committee, a student opened fire earlier in the day at the university premises.

The shooter has been detained and authorities have established his identity but were yet to make it public.

Also, sources said, the gunman also suspect sustained injuries as he tried to resist while being apprehended.

President Vladimir Putin conveys deep condolences to those who lost their relatives and friends as a result of this incident. Also, he has asked his PM to send Health Minister &  Higher Education Minister to the site of incident’.

The Perm State University, one of the oldest in the Urals, is located around 1,300 km east of the capital, Moscow.
Indian students studying in the university are safe, Indian Embassy said.

“Shocked at horrific attack at Perm State University in Russia; our deep condolences for loss of life and best wishes for early recovery of those injured. Embassy is in touch with local authorities and the representatives of Indian students. All Indian students at Perm State Medical University are safe,” the Embassy said.



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