Govt to explore ways to bring back Kohinoor


New Delhi, April 20: The Union government, which had told the Supreme court on Monday that bringing back the precious Kohinoor diamond from Britain was not possible as it had been gifted to the Queen, said on Tuesday that it will make all efforts to bring the diamond in an amicable manner.

It also claimed that the Government views conveyed to the Supreme Court on the diamond had been “misrepresented” in the media.

On Monday, the Government was reported to have told the Supreme court that it won’t request the return of the 106-carat Kohinoor diamond, which is now part of the British crown jewels.

The government, clarifying, said the facts are that the matter is sub-judice at present and the public interest litigation is yet to be admitted.

“The Solicitor General of India was asked to seek the views of the government of India, which have not yet been conveyed. The Solicitor General of India informed the honourable court about the history of the diamond and gave an oral statement on the basis of the existing references made available by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). “Thus, it should be reaffirmed that the government of India has not yet conveyed its views to the court, contrary to what is being misrepresented,” it said.

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