Husband kills Wife by getting her bitten by Cobra in Kerala

Husband kills Wife by getting her bitten by Cobra in Kerala

October 11

Husband kills Wife by Cobra

There is case, a man “Suraj’ killed her wife ‘Uthara’ by getting her bitten by Cobra.

The incident took place on May 6, 2020.

As said by Uthara’s mother, Suraj & Uthara had gone to their room after dinner. On May 7, Suraj, who is a late riser, woke up early and went out. As Uthara did not wake up, her mother went inside the room and found Uthara lying unconscious.

Further Uthara died in hospital. After coming back from hospital, they found the snake in side the room, which was killed by Uthara’s parents.

The probe also revealed that Suraj had made several attempts to kill Uthara by using snakes.

Her parents said, earlier also Uthara suffered from Snake bite on March 2. At that time,  Uthara was at her husband’s home in Adoor. After recovering from the snake bite, she had shifted to her parental home in Anchal.

According to the police, Suresh had supplied snakes twice to Suraj. First, he had provided a poisonous viper for Rs 10,000 and further supplied a cobra for Rs 10,000.

On May 24, the police arrested Suraj and his associate Suresh, a professional snake catcher for hatching a conspiracy to use a snake to kill her.

A lower court at Kollam district on Monday held Suraj guilty of killing his wife by getting her bitten by a cobra and will pronounce the sentence on Wednesday.


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